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Professional Headshots That Speak Volumes

Elegant Professional - Halifax Business Headshot
Business Headshots
$195 |15 mins, 1 retouched file
Chief Anchor for CTV News Atlantic Todd Battis
Signature Headshots
$395 | 45mins, 5 retouched files

Halifax Business HeadshotsDavina Croucher

I am not a person who enjoys having their picture taken...however, I needed some headshots for work so had no choice. My experience with Alex and his lovely wife, Kate, was just wonderful! They are so friendly and personable, putting me at ease immediately. It was fast, organized and my boss also raved about how she loved the results; the variety of poses; quality of the images; how the proofs were so easy to review online; and how quick and easy the final (touched up) files were received electronically. I will definitely be using them again for any future photography needs...professionally or personally!! Anyone looking for a photographer should definitely check them out! ~ DAVINA CROUCHER

3 Easy Steps to Your Headshot Session

1) Choose a convenient time & pay for your session - just click the 'Book Now' button below.

2) Kate & Alex will make your studio session a pleasant experience & ensure you look your best.

3) Choose your favorite images online for retouching. Your images will be delivered electronically.

Standard Business $195

Signature Session $395

Corporate Headshot: Halifax
Contemporary Businesswoman Headshot - Halifax
Executive Headshot Halifax
Maria Panopalis CTV News Anchor Headshot
Headshot Irving Oil's Sarah Morash
Jayson Baxter CTV Co-Host Professional Headshot
Decorated Police Officer Formal Uniform Portrait
Casual Professional Headshot - Friendly Halifax Local
Actor headshot services in Nova Scotia
CTV National News Journalist Headshot
Bright & Approachable Professional Woman's Headshot
Chief Anchor for CTV News Atlantic Todd Battis
Elegant Professional Woman Headshot - Halifax
Halifax Lawyer Professional Headshot
Sleek & Modern Halifax Professional Headshot
Halifax Headshot Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil
Halifax Musician with Guitar - Artistic Headshot
Corporate Leader Headshot - Halifax Executive
Halifax Business Professional - Engaging Headshot
Friendly Halifax Executive - Professional Headshot
Carrie & Michael Cook - Gotcha Covered Halifax
Liz Rigney - CTV Atlantic Behind-the-Scenes Pro
Halifax Executive in Finance - Professional Headshot
Kalin Mitchell chief meteorologist for CTV Atlantic.
Bruce Fillmore - Systems Analyst and amazing musician.
Todd Battis - CTV's Atlantic Bureau Chief
iHeart Radio host Peter Harrison Halifax headshot.
Carlie B Halifax Radio headshot.
Dentist headshot Reem Rostom.
Halifax Realtor Headshot - Professional & Trustworthy
Dartmouth Headshots Katie Baker DSS Marine
Stylish DJ & Actor - Creative Headshot
Naomi Raven - Halifax Fitness Trainer
Headshots government official NGO Halifax
Chef Andrew Farrell - Kitchen Door Culinary Maestro
Comedian Andrew Albert laughing Headshot
Turk, Megan & Amateur Alex - Halifax's Radio Trio
Headshot Halifax's Daniel Holland
Halifax Ladies Golf Headshot Nathalie Duggan
Halifax Radio Host extraordinaire Turk
Headshot of musician Paul Lamb
Headshot of Halifax Radio Personality Megan Coady
Professional and Approachable - Halifax Headshot
Halifax Headshot CTVs Paul Hollingsworth
Actor and Comedian Andrew Albert Headshot
Steve Murphy CTV Headshot
Headshot Suzette Belliveau CTV Halifax
Friendly Casual Male Headshot - Halifax Studio
Geoff Regan - Esteemed Public Servant Headshot
Engaging Halifax News Journalist Headshot
Halifax Professional - Expert Consultant Headshot
Financial Expert Headshot - Halifax Professional
Dartmouth Headshot Brittany Hillier from Kitchen Door
Kids Headshots for Acting
Elegant Professional - Halifax Business Headshot
Kitchen Door's Visionary Leader - Dartmouth, NS
Halifax Headshot Stuart Swing
CEO Headshot JT Manning
Professional Headshot Ceilidh Millar CTV Producer
Bedford Automotive Technician Rob Newell
Headshot Colleen Ryan Realtor
Kevin Kincaid Actor Director Producer Halifax Headshot
Paul Lamb Halifax Headshot
Glen Estabrooks - Halifax Mortgage Expert
Corporate Leadership Team Group Headshot
Headshot of Halifax based author Kayla Hounsell

Peek inside a typical Session

Halifax Headshot Photographer

You want to show your potential clients that you are competent, professional and approachable. If your headshot is not doing that now, we'd like to help.

It's such an easy thing to put off - having pictures taken of yourself is not most people's idea of a fun time :) We get it! It's easy to want to wait until your hair is just right or you lose a few pounds. No need to wait any longer.

We make the process relaxed, offering you lots of feedback as we go. While it’s fun to work with actors and models that are used to being in front of the camera, it’s the people that are hesitant to come in that we really enjoy. There’s a transformation that takes place from the time they hesitantly walk in the door to when they leave feeling much more positive about the process and themselves.

Our ultimate goal is to create an image that helps you connect with others - one you'll be proud to share.

Katie Kelly entertainment host CTV Morning Live | News at 5Katie Kelly

We received nothing but amazing feedback from the on air staff here at Virgin Radio and C100 after their experience working with you! Everyone said that you both made them feel so comfortable and the direction you gave really helped them a lot. We will be back!!

— Katie Kelly | Promotions and Marketing Director | C100 | Virgin Radio

Headshot Pricing and Additional Details

  • Standard business headshot - $195
    • in and out in about 15 minutes
    • online proofing
    • 1 retouched file, one outfit, and one backdrop
    • Additional retouched files available for purchase @ $95ea
  • Signature headshot session - $395
    • About 45 minutes
    • 5 retouched files
    • unlimited backdrops and wardrobe changes
    • Additional retouched files available for purchase @ $95ea
  • Location Sessions - by quotation
    • from 1 to 100+
    • studio set up in your office
    • time and cost-effective for larger organizations
  • Our spacious studio is just outside Bedford in Hammonds Plains

Bedford Headshot PhotographerMichelle Hill

Having just received a promotion, I wanted an updated headshot to reflect my new role. I didn’t feel very comfortable taking a staged photo (I felt like a kid on school photo day… nervous and painfully smiley). Alex’s excitement about the photos he was seeing on his camera made me feel more confident as the session went on. The proofs came very quickly and I was so surprised at how crisp, clear and beautiful they were. When I received my finished headshot, I quickly uploaded it and changed my profile picture in all of my professional circles. It’s great knowing that customers, colleagues, and potential employees can see a photo of me that I am proud of." ~ MICHELLE HILL

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a professional portrait that is typically used in the entertainment industry, business, or personal branding. It is a close-up photo that showcases the subject's face, neck, and shoulders.

What makes a good headshot?

A good headshot should accurately reflect the subject's appearance and personality. It should be well-lit and in focus, with a neutral background that does not detract from the subject. The subject should be dressed appropriately for their industry and have a confident, engaging expression.


The cost of a headshot can vary greatly depending on the photographer and location. Some photographers charge several hundred dollars for a single headshot session, while others offer packages starting at a few hundred dollars. For a Standard Business Headshot, we charge $195 that includes the session, a gallery of 20-30 images to choose from and one retouched digital image. You do have the option to purchase additional retouched images if you'd like for $95 each. You can also book a Signature Session which includes different backdrops and outfit changes and five retouched images for $395.


When it comes to backgrounds, a solid neutral color, such as white or grey, is recommended. This allows the focus to remain on the subject and not the background.


As for clothing, the subject should wear what they would wear to a professional event or interview in their industry. V-necks, long sleeves and/or dark jackets are always good choices. Avoid overly distracting patterns or bright colors.

How often do I update?

It's recommended to have your headshot updated every 1-2 years, or as needed if there is a significant change in appearance. However, this may vary depending on the individual's needs and the industry they are in.

A headshot is a crucial component of personal branding, and it's important to invest in a high-quality photo that accurately represents you.