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Lot Six Wedding Venue - Halifax EleganceElegant Bar Ambience at Lot Six, Halifax

Lot Six Bar & Restaurant offers a unique wedding experience, combining the charm of historical Halifax with a modern, sophisticated atmosphere. Known for its exceptional glass Atrium, it provides a stunning backdrop for any wedding celebration. The venue's intimate vibe, combined with its stylish decor, makes it one of Halifax's coolest wedding venues.

Rainy Romance in Halifax - Wedding NightRainy Romance in Halifax - Wedding Night

Why We Love Lot Six Weddings

  • The Atrium's Charm
  • The high glass ceiling and historic character of the Atrium create a mesmerizing ambiance. It's a setting where every photo tells a story of elegance and intimacy.

  • Dynamic Location
  • Situated on Argyle Street, one of Halifax's most dynamic and bustling streets, Lot Six offers an energetic and vibrant backdrop. This location not only adds to the charm of the venue but also provides guests with a taste of the city's lively atmosphere.

  • Sophisticated AtmosphereThe sophisticated vibe at Lot Six adds a layer of beauty to wedding photos. It's a place where style meets comfort, offering a picturesque setting for your special day.
    Culinary DelightsWith a menu inspired by the world's great bars, Lot Six specializes in seasonal cocktails, oysters, and small plates, ensuring your wedding feast is as delightful as the venue itself.
    Ideal for Intimate GatheringsPerfect for small, intimate weddings, Lot Six offers a cozy setting that makes every guest feel part of your special celebration.
Lot Six Wedding Venue - Halifax Elegance
Rainy Romance in Halifax - Wedding Night