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Digby Pines Weddings

"Celebrate love with the perfect destination wedding for family and friends at Digby Pines, overlooking the beautiful Bay of Fundy. The Digby Pines gives you a destination wedding experience right here in Nova Scotia. There’s a cool atmosphere that is created when all your guests go away with you." - Alex MacAulay

Digby Pines Wedding Photographer

Why we love Digby Pines Weddings

  • The Pines - not kidding! You can't miss the rows of pine trees when you first pull up and they make for an amazing setting for wedding pictures.
  • Their truly unique outdoor ceremony location with an amazing view of the Bay of Fundy
  • Cottages - getting ready in one of the cottages creates a relaxed atmosphere and is a nice contrast to the more formal main lodge

Location: Digby, Nova Scotia

Wedding Contact: Linda Weir