Weddings & Family

Moments… blown out of the water.

Since establishing our studio in Halifax more than 15 years ago, we've taken thousands of wedding and family photographs - while maintaining one vision: Great photography conveys more than just a look at the moment captured, it evokes the feelings that moment contains. We've built a reputation we're proud of based on that vision, thanks to our many clients who share it.



We're passionate about capturing both the formal and informal moments of your Wedding Day, plus everyone and everything that makes it special. Our married team approach gives you two creative, distinct and complementary spirits who understand your devotion and commitment and succeed in documenting it as it reveals itself all day.

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We have always approached family photography with a great deal of honour and respect. Playfulness, too, to show family life in the happiest moments. Snapshots are great at chronicling days, people we’ve met, and places we've visited. But professional photography can capture real moments. It can tell a story, connect the characters and bring families to life years and years into the future.

Engagement Sessions

Steal a day before your wedding to enjoy some simple together time, get to know your photography team before the wedding, and create dramatic and beautiful images of the two of you. Engagement sessions allow time for us to work with you to create dramatic and artistic images that make a great addition to your home's decor.