Shining Waters

We have had so many amazing sunsets at Shining Waters and the view from the wedding reception is spectacular!
— Alex MacAulay
Patio at Shining Waters

Patio at Shining Waters

Carolyn MacKay - Shining Waters

What do you love about weddings? 

It's such a surreal experience to be able to play a small part in such a big day. One of the most special moments I get to witness and usually brings on the water works for me... (but I try to hide it behind the scenes haha!) is after I've sent the bridal party down the aisle and I am left with dad or mom with the bride - these last few moments before they walk down the aisle together are so special, so full of emotion, and one of the more private elements that not a lot of people get to see.  

It's not unlike me to walk away from that fanning my face to dry off the tears while staff look at me wondering if I stubbed my toe!

Is there anything you’d like to share that wedding couples might want to know?

Something unique about Shining Waters is that it is a marina and boasts stunning ocean views of St. Margaret's Bay. No matter where you look, you see ocean!  We have two outdoor ceremony locations and can host an in-door back up if needed. We are open year round and LOVE winter weddings! There's plenty of local accommodation and we can provide a list of transportation options. It truly is a one stop shop and all your guests are in the same space for the ceremony and reception! 

We are not limited to just weddings - we do private bookings, corporate dinners, expo... you name it! 

Carolyn, Thank you so much for making today just as beautiful as we had envisioned. It was a little daunting at first to plan a wedding from Ontario but you are an angel and made the process so easy and stress-free. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. We hope our lives cross paths again in the future. until then - see you on Instagram!  
— Caitria & Andrew

Carolyn is an epic dog lover, vegetarian, and wanna be circus performer. When she’s not at Shining Waters she can be found travelling, spending time with her 7 year old valley bulldog, or hanging from a ceiling honing her aerial skills. Before Shining Waters, she dabbled in marketing, managed salons, did the school thing & without fail found herself looking for something that excited her and allowed her to work with people.  She’s been facilitating weddings and events at Shining Waters for 6 years and absolutely LOVES her job! She has a daily view of the ocean, gets to work with an amazing team, and even more amazing clients. 

I really love the people that I get to interact with. It's a breath of fresh air to be honest! Because we are such a unique venue we end up with some pretty relaxed people - I've made some amazing friends and it's always exciting to look forward to all who've booked the venue each season!

Shining Waters Wedding Contact: Carolyn MaKay

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