How quickly things change!

Your kids are growing up way too fast! Memories of many of the little things, so easy to take for granted, are fading already. While there's nothing we can do to slow down time, you can preserve this special time in your family's journey. Document your kids' interests, recall what made family fun. Gather together for family portraits - kids from 5 to 25; multiple generations; traditional settings or spontaneous outbursts - to respectfully document who your family is.

We have had two family sessions with Alex and Kate. Originally, all we hoped for was one good picture. Well, we received more than one, and during our first review they brought tears to our eyes, they were all that good. We didn’t just get a picture, we have focus pieces, works of visual art, pictures we couldn’t imagine possible. Pieces that amaze friends and family. Pieces that make us smile every time we look at them.
— Rob MacDonald, Ottawa, ON