Book an Engagement Session!

As you are interviewing wedding photographers, be sure and ask if they include an engagement session. Most do at no extra charge or for a relatively small session fee. If you can schedule the session 6 or more months in advance of your wedding date - do it! Not only does this give you time to make changes if necessary, you may be able to have the session in a season different than you wedding - think skating together as the snow gently falls around you or walking in the woods among the fall colours.

Here are three reasons why you should book an engagement session with your photographers.



You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographers on a very important day. In fact, you may be spending more time with them than anyone else! It’s important to make sure that your personalities work well together. Good chemistry between you & your partner and your photography team is a must - you’ll see it in your pictures if you don’t have it.



This is a great chance to interact with your photographers as a business. Do they arrive on time for the session? How are they dressed? Do they seem competent with their equipment? Do they keep the energy up during the session? Are they able to give you direction? Did you have fun? How long before your images are ready and did they deliver on time? This is a great test to ensure that you’ve made the right choice. If anything seems way off, you may still have time to make changes or, worse case, find another photographer. The less experience your photographer has, the more important it is to try them out before the big day.




It’s one thing to look at beautiful pictures of other couples - it’s a totally different experience to see pictures of yourself! Are your images properly composed and retouched? How do your images look? These images foreshadow what your wedding images will look like. What does your gut tell you? Be honest with your photographer and let them know what you really liked from the session and if there was anything that you didn’t. This can be an opportunity for your photographer to learn about your preferences and dial in their coverage for you on the wedding day.


You can find all the details on our engagement sessions here.


By Alex MacAulay

Alex and his wife Kate have been photographing weddings together throughout Nova Scotia for more than 20 years.

© Scott McIntyre

© Scott McIntyre