Alex - Kelly - that's awesome!! Congrats on the new addition and I can't believe Drew is two!! Looking forward to seeing you guys too.  3.3.11, 7:04am

Kelly - Hey Alex! Just getting ready to book another family session with you guys... this time with our newest addition, Matthew Elliott! Drew just turned two and Matthew will be one at the end of the month - hard to believe how time flies!! Can't wait for you to see/meet them!!  3.1.11, 12:59pm

Alex - Thanks everyone for your comments. They're a beautiful family :)  4.19.09, 10:21am

Marilyn - Oh my, that is heart stopping.  4.10.09, 9:13pm

Tish - Beautiful family! Thanks for letting us view them. Drew has captured all our hearts.  4.10.09, 9:46am

Gay-Marie - I have never seen a picture like this before. I think every parent should have one done. It is absolutely beautiful. I just love it. He is so, so precious.  4.10.09, 7:18am

Kelly - These pictures look great, Alex! We can't wait to see the rest!  4.9.09, 11:41pm