Adam - Pick me! Would love to give it a to!  5.6.14, 10:43pm

Patricia MacLeod - I would love to try out the new equipment..  5.10.12, 5:34pm

Alex - Thanks to everyone for your interest - we've randomly picked a winner and will be announcing it in our May newsletter.  5.9.12, 7:25am

Maggie Barnhill - Thanks for the great shoot today Alex. Looking forward to seeing the pics!  5.7.12, 9:04pm

Michelle Wyman - I would love to get in shape! I need people to motivate me!! Crossfit looks interesting but a bit scary (for those of us who aren't in shape!!)... I want to check it out.  5.7.12, 10:23am

Beth Christopher - Hi Guys, Just wanted to say how intimadating this all sounds...but I am ready for the challenge ! I need this ! I see inspiration from all the terrific pics you've taken !  5.7.12, 9:27am

Amy - Just had a baby, trying to lose that extra weight! This would be great! :)  5.7.12, 8:49am

Sara - I see the pics of Kate at the gym on facebook all the time, I think she started around the time we went to Vegas....killin' it girl!! Good for you! Would love to be able to do a chin-up myself some day :)  5.7.12, 8:24am

Pamela - Would love to try this with my wedding coming up, I hear great things!  5.7.12, 7:32am

Michelle Koharski - My arms jiggle when I blow dry my client's hair!!!!! AND, I aspire to have abs like Kate!!!  5.7.12, 6:42am

Stephanie - I have always wanted to try crossfit! This would be he perfect opportunity!  5.1.12, 3:41pm

Christine - Similar to others, I want to kick-start a return to fitness. This looks like fun!!  4.17.12, 3:55pm

Heather Tomson - Biggset reason I'd like to get this membership??? I wanna do a Tough Mudder race in August, and I can't even do one chin up!!!  4.15.12, 11:31pm

Stephanie - I am in desperate need of some sort of activity to kick start me back into a fitness regime. I would love to try CrossFit! :)  4.15.12, 10:19pm

Erin Riley - Tried it a couple of times and would love to go more!  4.13.12, 7:50am

Laura White - I am very intrigued by CrossFit and would love to try it out. I am a runner and would like to add more strength training. I love how their facebook page has so many of your pictures on it. It definitely helps people understand what it's all about.  4.11.12, 8:20pm

Shauna Luciano - 8 months post baby and in desperate need to shed baby weight before standing in a wedding in August (a wedding you're shooting)!!! Need to look my best! A gym membership would be awesome!  4.11.12, 10:15am

Alex MacAulay - Stephanie, Good for you! There are some sore days in the beginning :)  4.9.12, 1:30pm

Alex MacAulay - Sonya - good luck!  4.9.12, 1:29pm

Alex MacAulay - Heather, you would love Crossfit - it's fun, it's challenging and it's social - everyone is so nice!  4.9.12, 1:29pm

Stefanie Shute - I tried crossfit on Saturday morning. I can't walk! LOL :)  4.9.12, 8:35am

Sonya Merrick - I am looking for a new and different activity! Sounds great!  4.8.12, 12:07am

Heather Crosby Gionet - I wanna look as great as Kate :) Sign me up!!!  4.5.12, 11:04pm