Wei Ai - Hey Alex & Kate, I love your living room. Sofia's pictures just add great touch to this room. Where did you get your floor lamp?  11.28.11, 4:02pm

Alex - Thanks Tamara!  5.31.11, 5:37am

Tamara Sharkey-Chouinard - Alex and Kate! I love your new living room and the green is so energizing and fantastic. Love the pics of Sophia!  5.27.11, 4:12pm

Alex - Thanks Kate! It took some work to get those 12 images but we're so happy with the results. We're almost out of wall space so we're hoping this will be a good fit for some of our clients so we can do more - so much fun!  5.19.11, 5:51am

Kate - Alex, Kate & Sophia - the room looks lovely! It helps that your little one is absolutely exquisite and an actress already, but really, this sure shows off your work. I guess I mean that in many ways!  5.18.11, 2:41pm