Wendy Tilley - Absolutely Beautiful!!  8.10.10, 6:47pm

emil - Wow, i am so proud of you; the lessons paid off; it was an amazing evening !  8.8.10, 4:45pm

Deirdre Smith - Out of all the photography I have seen through the years, I have to say that the Mac Aulay duo are the most incredible to catch such gorgeous moments. We think that our memory will serve us well, but this is truly a snapshot in time!! Perfect for a perfect time.  8.8.10, 12:15pm

Alison and Brian - Haha!!! Thanks so much, your wedding was beautiful, kept pinching myself, felt we were on a movie set! Everyone was soo beautiful. Remember our email now. Love, A&B xxx  8.5.10, 10:04pm

Melanie - Wow. Beautifully captured the moment as I cried watching them dance!! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!  8.5.10, 4:00pm

Candice - Can't wait to see this rest! This is beautiful! You radiate!  8.5.10, 4:00pm

Connie - Very Pretty!  8.2.10, 6:05pm