Kalei - Hey guys, I can't wait to see more, those two photos are so great and the one with Luke carrying you down the aisle was adorable...you guys are funny :)  7.12.10, 9:53pm

Yvette - These pictures are dreamy and almost surreal; well captured fun and romance, with a sense of a beautiful future implied.  7.8.10, 7:55pm

Carissa - Just those 2 pic are awsome! I am sure the rest are as well, cant wait to see the rest  7.7.10, 11:21pm

Aunt Liz, Uncle Blaine & Brett - Beautiful wedding. Cannot wait to see the rest of the photos.  7.5.10, 4:23pm

Shirley - Wow Beautiful Can't wait to see all the pictures  7.4.10, 4:45pm

Aunt Nancy & Uncle Jeff - Very lovely! Can't wait to view the others......  7.2.10, 12:52pm

Reena - Oh Alex and Kate...you guys amazing! I love the photos as I knew I would and I will be shaking for the next 8 weeks in anticipation to see the rest!  7.2.10, 9:07am

Justin - These photos are exactly what I knew they would be - phenomenal! Alex and Kate were fantastic, true professionals, great people to hang out with for the day, and had an unflappable and energetic work ethic. I will be recommending you to anyone!  7.1.10, 3:41pm

Steph - Great shot at the church! Loved that, Reena is always full of surprises for sure! It was so them!  6.30.10, 12:55pm