Darlene Dale - So beautiful. It makes sense knowing you Angela that it would be an outdoor woodsy picture....or eating something like strawberries with wine!! Stunning...cant wait for the bit day!  9.2.10, 9:54pm

Paula Langille - Beautiful!!!!!!!! Love it!!  7.6.10, 10:28pm

Tammy Canavan-Soldaat - I love this photo. I don't know Ian but I know Angela and you caught her spirit perfectly. Beautiful!  7.2.10, 4:26am

Chalotte - Beautiful pic Ang!!! Congrats!!  7.1.10, 9:11pm

Rebecca Clarke - It seems like you and Ian were made for each other. I think Merrick is one lucky little guy to have you both! I can't wait to hang out with you on your wedding day.  7.1.10, 4:59pm

Jacqueline Charron - Love it, cant wait to see the rest.  6.30.10, 9:56am

Carmen Townsend - This captures Angela and Iain perfectly. They are the ultimate example of what Love is supposed to be.  6.30.10, 9:40am

Mary Beth Nicholson - I LOVE this shot, but I'm a bit biased being Angela's cousin!! :) I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!!!  6.29.10, 10:02pm

Angela - Wow! I Love this Rebecca! Thank you so much, we had a lot of fun with you guys! Can't wait for the Big Day! A great "little surprise"!  6.29.10, 7:07pm