Elizabeth Hopkins - Beautiful photos  6.4.10, 10:35am

Cheryl Chafe - Wow!!! Amazing job guys!!! Their personality just shines through on these-exactly the kind of photos of them I would expect...anxiously awaiting the rest of them-they will be SPECTACULAR!!!!  5.28.10, 5:40pm

Lori Lamb - Amazing! Great idea with the guitar overlay, Alex! Brilliant!  5.28.10, 5:08pm

Sylvia w - Wow!! Great pictures...great subjects !! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!  5.28.10, 2:01pm

Jennie - AWESOME,AWESOME AWESOME can't wait to see the rest !!!  5.28.10, 1:31pm

Courtney - These are amazing! I'm so excited to see the rest!  5.27.10, 2:32pm

Laura W - Awesome pics so far!! It was a great day! Can't wait to see more!  5.27.10, 12:07am