Brian and Carmen Monaghan - Wow, Alex and Kate...this is such a great thing you are doing and for such a great cause too! Anyone who gets you two is the luckiest person in the world. Best of luck!  1.29.10, 7:31pm

Leah - You two are amazing!  1.19.10, 12:43pm

Alex - A wonderful couple and past wedding clients, have kicked off the bidding at $100. Please keep the bids coming!  1.17.10, 9:09am

Nicole - What a fantastic way to give .... a truly great idea !  1.16.10, 11:18am

Kristin - Oh my goodness, this type of kindness and generosity brings tears. This is amazing!  1.16.10, 9:12am

Stephanie - Great idea, great contribution! They so need it!  1.15.10, 12:40pm