Roger Beals - She is always stealing the show; there is no stopping her know. Good job Saxon.  12.17.09, 2:28pm

Anne LeBlanc - What a beautiful young woman - it is hard to believe that she was in my grade 6 class not so long ago! I  12.16.09, 9:38pm

Carol-Anne Kelly - She is very beautiful!  12.16.09, 3:36pm

Maureen Herchak - Oh so pretty!!  12.16.09, 2:09pm

Lynn Burgess - Wow, my little neice looks so beautiful. I love these pictures.  12.16.09, 11:24am

Sindy - Proud Mom of Saxon - Yeah! Saxs made "the cut" and we are not talking hockey. I am so excited. Even through my tears, she looks so beautiful to me. You captured her true spirit and personality. I can not wait to show them to her tonight and let all of our friends know. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful "young lady" to keep and to love and to call my own.  12.16.09, 10:28am