Emily McLennan - Hi everyone! We were so happy with our e-session and our wedding photos that we check out your website all the time. So many wonderful photos and so many happy memories! Happy Holidays!  12.14.09, 8:15pm

Lindsay Nemeth - Hi Kate and Alex. You did an amazing job at Anna and Devin's Wedding. Love your work! Have a great holiday.  12.14.09, 5:42pm

Pam Maclean - Hi Alex, we stood in tara and karls wedding this September and just seen the photos, they are beautiful, excellent work! happy holidays.  12.14.09, 5:40pm

Angela Young - I love your photos - you really turn everyday life into art!  12.14.09, 5:02pm

Andrea - You guys are fabulous! great pics!  12.14.09, 2:12pm

Carrie Donovan - I'm a faithful lurker on this site - I love it! Chad and I can't wait to see our wedding photos!  12.14.09, 10:25am

Nick Tomasic - Great idea for a contest - getting in under the wire!  12.14.09, 10:07am

Leah Hazelton - Love your site --I attended Chad & Carrie's wedding in October and have checked out your work ever since. You do amazing things with a camera. Happy Holidays and your little girl is adorable  12.13.09, 10:37pm

Stefanie MacNeil - Your work is phenomenal!  12.13.09, 3:53pm

Terri Fenton - I love your work, and you come so highly recommended! I would love to have you as a part of our day.  12.13.09, 9:03am

Caroline - Love the pictures, gorgeous work!  12.12.09, 9:43pm

Sonya Johnson - love your work Alex, wish our wedding was local, we will be at the mercy of a cruiseline photographer, lol!  12.12.09, 2:59pm

Kim & Wayne - Confirmed our canvas selections today of our engagement pictures, can't wait to get them!!!  12.11.09, 9:43pm

Pat Joudrey - I too love your work and can't wait for you to photograph my daughter's wedding. I feel comforted knowing that we don't have to worry about this aspect of the wedding because as Reena and Luke keep saying, "Alex and Kate could make you look good wearing a paper bag!"  12.11.09, 4:37pm

Renee LeBlanc - The pictures on this website are all so beautiful and artistic. Very talented photographers! Happy Holidays!  12.10.09, 9:30pm

Alia Gray - Anna and Devin's wedding video was fabulous, and their engagement photos were lovely as well! I really like the photo of the day idea on the site!  12.10.09, 6:10pm

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Donna Tyrrell - I go on your site quite often now since Tanya and Steven LeBlanc had their photos with you. I find it very soothing, relaxing and amazed at what you capture. Fantastic!  12.10.09, 4:08pm

Hollie Quick - Brilliant idea! Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from my favourite photographers... is it really obvious that I'm sucking up for prizes? Merry Christmas.  12.10.09, 4:06pm

Amanda Kelly - Wow! What an amazing idea! Merry Christmas to you all!!  12.10.09, 1:37pm

Jennifer Bedell - I just saw photos you did for a co-worker. I love the candid shots. Not the boring poses you get at the box stores :)  12.10.09, 12:31pm

Adam McLean - Great Site Alex!! Beth and I can't wait to see our pictures  12.10.09, 8:44am

Stephanie - I am on your website daily - just can't get enough of your photos! Happy Holidays :)  12.10.09, 7:11am

Tarrah M - Merry Christmas to ALL! Nice thing you are offering!  12.9.09, 10:28pm

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Ashley - LOVE all these pictures!  12.9.09, 11:41am

Great Aunt Sandra - Fantastic photography! Ishould get married again. Merry Christmas  12.9.09, 10:50am

Paul Lamb - Alex, your pictures are amazing and I'm extremely excited that you're shooting our wedding. See you in May.  12.9.09, 12:01am

Margaret Anne Ferreira - Great pictures! I've seen you in action as part of a wedding party you shot. It was a lot of fun!  12.8.09, 11:59am

Amy McMurray - I have your page saved my "favourites" so I can keep up with the beautiful photos!  12.8.09, 10:27am

Sindy McGinn - I check your site everyday, even on our recent honeymoon. Contest or no contest, I am SO hooked and I say shamelessly that I am "not so secretly" contemplating making your website my home page.  12.7.09, 11:26pm

Richard Fowler - Love your site, thanks for all of our great pictures.  12.7.09, 8:55pm

Katie - Can't wait to see our wedding photos!!  12.7.09, 8:30pm

Devin Gordon - Hey Guys.....cool idea for a contest. As Anna said we've watched our wedding photos numerous times and the album design looks great!  12.7.09, 1:52pm

Julie - Hey guys great contest!!!!!!!!  12.6.09, 4:51pm

Kim & Wayne - Great idea for the contest!!! We realy love our engagement session photos and can't wait for the real deal in September!!! There will be all kinds of red wine for all!!!  12.6.09, 3:27pm

Trudie - I can't wait for you guys to photograph Connie's wedding....I know the shots will be awesome!!!!  12.6.09, 1:37pm

Connie - Kate and Alex Rock! ya!  12.6.09, 12:25pm

Kristin Roe - I've never used your services before but everytime I pop on your site I think "talented... and these guys give off a cool vibe". My boss' son got married this summer and I loved seeing the photos and comments of their wedding at Pier 21. Congrats for all the great work!  12.5.09, 8:38pm

Bonnie - Beautiful Pictures.  12.5.09, 8:11am

Patricia Pace - Hi Alex and Kate Thanks so much for sending my photos in time for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing Anna and Devin's wedding album. Trish  12.4.09, 9:37pm

Amy B - We had Rebecca photograph our wedding in Oct. 2005 and I still come back almost every week to see what you have posted! I love looking at your photos of weddings and families. It brightens my day to see all the happy people!  12.4.09, 8:41pm

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Amy - I look at your photo of the day everyday! Your pictures are so intimate I feel like I know all the people in them. Keep on doing what you're doing!!!  12.4.09, 10:55am

Amy Fast - You guys are an amazing and giving couple. It really does show in your work and your interaction with your clients (who I imagine also think of you as friends). We received the packages and are thrilled with all of it. Looking forward to seeing the family album! We always look forward to working with you again....Happy Holidays to your family from ours!  12.4.09, 10:15am

Alex Liot - Hi Alex & Kate, Great idea for a contest! I spend a lot of time enjoying you photo blog. I find your photography style really inspiring as I try and improve my photo skills, but I guess I've never left a comment.... Well now I have! Happy Holidays, keep up the good work, Cheers Alex  12.4.09, 9:55am

Katherine Pace - Speaking of Anna and Devin's photos - we absolutely love them! I too have looked at them several times over the fast few months!!!  12.4.09, 8:20am

Kerith Gordon - I've looked at D & A's wedding album over and over again. Can't wait until I have my order to put on display. Lovely work.  12.3.09, 11:20pm

Jill - Hi there! I have been 'secretly stalking' your site since my friend Melanie had her wedding and you guys were her photographers! My husband teases me b/c I am always checking 'the photo of the day' but then he kneels down beside me and says "Hey, that one is pretty cool - looks like you are right there". Your pictures are absolutely amazing and my goal is to someday have our family photos taken by you and Kate (sometime) in the future! Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday season! By the way...Your little girl is gorgeous!  12.3.09, 11:19pm

Lindsay Wadden - We love your work and your site. You made our wedding day so fantastic. I recommend you to everyone I know that is getting married!  12.3.09, 8:37pm

Jodie - I have been looking at your website every day for the past couple of years. I dream of the day when some day, I too, will see my own pictures up here. I always tell my partner that I am willing to negotiate on everything for our weekend, except for our photographers. :)  12.3.09, 8:16pm

Melanie - great site !! i look at the pics everyday !!!!!!!!!  12.3.09, 6:10pm

Maggie - I love this contest, and you work!  12.3.09, 5:16pm

Margaret McHugh - Hello - Love the photos you took of the Magoo Clan - and I am so excited I finally placed my order! Very Easy to Do on you website! Thank you Alex, Margaret  12.3.09, 1:37pm

Gillian - Great idea! Love love love all your photos and are counting down until we get to have more done in May!  12.3.09, 12:50pm

Karen Chamberlain - Love, love, LOVE your photography! Your photos inspire me to be a better photographer. Sign me up if you ever decide to offer classes!  12.3.09, 12:19pm

Catherine - I love checking out your website to see what you'll be posting next. Your images are beautiful and keep me coming back. I love finding out what the photo of the day is. I have to confess that I check your site everyday to see what the photo of the day is going to be.  12.3.09, 8:31am

Drew - Beautiful picture of Sophia in the snow.  12.2.09, 11:18pm

lacey doherty - i couldn't be more happy with my wedding photos and visit your site all the time !!!! you guys are awsome!  12.2.09, 10:58pm

Lorna Barnes - Hi Alex and Kate love going on your website. Your pictures are stunning. I was so pleased with Tanya and Steve's wedding pictures. Great contest.  12.2.09, 10:37pm

myrna peachey - Alex, you do beauiful work! All the best at the show.  12.2.09, 10:15pm

Amy Grant - I too also obsessively check the website every week. It is almost as bad as facebook!  12.2.09, 8:42pm

Tara MacIsaac - I check your site a few times a week just to see what you guys have been up to. Such an exciting contest!!! Anxiously waiting our wedding photos. You guys rock!!!  12.2.09, 8:42pm

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Leah Kincaid - What a great idea! I am on your website all the time and I love this picture of Sophia....hope to see you all soon!!  12.2.09, 1:33pm

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Katie Gaudet - I love your site and check it out everyday to see what masterpieces you've posted! I am looking forward to receiving my wedidng photos and seeing what Rebecca captured on film - she and Brody were fabulous!  12.2.09, 10:55am

Alex - Kate and I are blown away by the response so far! Thank-you everyone for your kind words and for stopping by the site.  12.2.09, 9:03am

Reena Joudrey - Haha...and here I thought my obsession with your site was strange. I check out your new posts everyday and love them all!  12.2.09, 8:43am

Beth McLean - Hey Alex and Kate! This is a really fun idea for a contest :) I love checking out your site every day to see the image of the day or to check out any new posts. You guys rock!  12.2.09, 8:42am

Stephanie - Your work is breathtaking! I take time out of every day to check out your 'image of the day' and any new blog posts.  12.2.09, 8:36am

Jane - I guess this is a good time to "fess up" that I'm hooked on your web site! I met you both at Alex & Andrea's wedding (Petite Vineyard). I was catering, you two were behind the camera and Sophia was a wee babe. Been enjoying your site ever since. Thanks!  12.2.09, 7:37am

Luke - Great idea!  12.1.09, 11:36pm

Laura - Love your site! I'm honesty on here everyday! Great contest too! Happy Holidays to you, Kate and Sophia ;)  12.1.09, 10:32pm

Monika Rowicka - Hi Alex, What a great contest! I check the website often because I love all your photos! Mitch and I are really looking forward to seeing you at the wedding!!  12.1.09, 10:28pm

Amy - Hello! Your website is in my favorites and I check it everyday now. I'm loving the new "photo of the day" feature. I love seeing what pops up! Loving the idea for the contest and wish everyone good luck!  12.1.09, 9:33pm

Cheryl N - Hi: I check your website daily, enjoy your photo of the day, your pictures are amazing  12.1.09, 8:36pm

Kim - I just love your site.. I check it all the time. You have a very talented group of photographers!  12.1.09, 7:34pm

Jennifer - Such a fun contest to offer to those who love to browse your site! I so enjoy seeing the special moments you capture for your clients - wonderful memories!  12.1.09, 5:45pm

Samantha B - Hi Alex, The contest sounds great! I've gotten so many ideas just from browsing your site. Your pics are beautiful. Heather is shooting our wedding this coming June! Can't wait!!  12.1.09, 3:36pm

Anna - Very cool contest - I'm sure you'll get lots of good comments and hits. I'm still looking at my photos on probably a weekly basis now!  12.1.09, 1:15pm

Christine - What a great idea (and great prizes too!)! Your photos are fantastic - I'm amazed every time I check the blog. And you've got quite the model with Sophia - she's gorgeous!  12.1.09, 12:07pm

Emily Tregunno - Hi Alex & Kate - What a great idea for a contest (great prizes too!). The latest posts have been awesome. Fraser and I can't wait until next August for the wedding and we get to shoot with you guys again. Happy Holidays! :)  12.1.09, 10:38am

Alex - Kate you're not eligible - sorry.  12.1.09, 9:53am

Kate - Sounds like a fun plan!!  12.1.09, 9:46am