Barb - So exciting and romantic. I can't wait to see more. You make a beautiful couple!  12.7.09, 7:23pm

Grace - beautiful image, looking forward to seeing your work at Connie's wedding!  12.6.09, 12:48pm

Maureen - Stunning, striking, sensational! Sindy and Andrew, you make a magnificent couple. If these two photos are any indication of the rest, I need to see more! Congratulations!  12.4.09, 3:26pm

Sindy - What a gorgeous couple! LOL I bet these two are just dying to see more photos of thier spectacular wedding (as are their firends, so I have heard).  12.4.09, 12:37am

Sally - I LOVE these!!!!!  11.14.09, 9:42am

TINIA - I love this pic,it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!  11.13.09, 10:52am

Adrienne - Can't wait to see more! These are stunning!  11.13.09, 8:09am

Sindy - Wow, currently in Vegas on our honeymoon and just thought we would check to see if the 'teaser' was up yet. I am getting gooseflesh, and not the kind like Saturday's when I was freezing. One must suffer for their art. LOL You guys are amazing!!!!! I cannot wait to see the rest. I am still so excited to be married to Andrew. Thanks so much.  11.12.09, 11:39pm