Alex - Thanks Lori! Totally agree with you on the subject matter!! It was getting dark quickly so we didn't have much time but I so could have hung out with Laura and listened to Paul play all night!  11.4.09, 6:28am

Lori Lamb - Outstanding! The contrast and depth are so striking in your photos. So real but almost like a painting at the same time. Not to mention, some pretty great subject matter!  11.3.09, 8:09pm

Alex - Laura, Keri, Christine and Myra, Thanks so much for your comments!  11.1.09, 2:00pm

Laura W - Awesome!! I can't wait to see the rest!!  10.29.09, 10:49pm

Keri O'Brien-Keough - Love it!! Look forward to seeing the rest!!  10.29.09, 8:53pm

Christine - Very Very Nice ... you guys look GREAT together love ya ..aunt christine xoxo  10.29.09, 5:28pm

Myra---proud MOH!! - I loveee it!!! You guys are fabulous xoxoxo  10.29.09, 10:50am