Jessica - I love these pictures! Each time I see these it brings me back to the exact moment that it all happened and I start to tear up a little. You guys did a great job capturing the moment!  12.10.09, 8:02pm

Amanda Fulton - When a photographer can make a picture capture every emotion possible, the ones that no matter how hard you try, can never truly be put into words, they have captured true beauty and are truly gifted artists. The MacAulay's are obviously gifted artists. Cannot wait to see the rest. Just breathtaking!!  10.1.09, 9:46pm

Tina - LOVE the photos you guys!!!! Absolutely amazing shots - Tara, you look beautiful!!  10.1.09, 11:19am

Lisa MacLean - OMG!!! Stunning...thats all I can think of...just beautiful!!! I can not wait to see the much longer??? hahaha No wonder you were so excited about having the MacAulay's as photographers, amazing!!  9.30.09, 6:12pm

Gilberte Cormier - Tara, your pics are absolutely beutiful. They captured your true feelings when you were thanking Karl's parents. That is priceless....  9.30.09, 4:10pm

Amanda Feltham - beautiful Tara. Wish we could've been there.  9.30.09, 3:47pm

Carolyn - Tara you are absolutely stunning!! Love the picture on the sandbar, and the tears in your eyes during your speech. Your photographer did a great job capturing you!  9.30.09, 2:41pm

Tara MacIsaac - Alex,we love it!!! What a moment to capture. Thank you so much, can not wait to see the rest.  9.30.09, 2:29pm