Melanie - Awesome slide show. What is the name of the song used and who sings it. Love it!  5.2.10, 10:27pm

heather - Can she get any cuter....What a sweetheart!  8.2.09, 11:47pm

colleen - just cruisin through your website as i often do and watched this slide show..... LOVE it!!! sophia is so sweet and your pictures are,sounds SO cliche , BREATHTAKING! really........cant wait to have you guys do our family pics.....This fall??  7.30.09, 8:47pm

GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody - Came across your blog and wanted to say hi! aw... so cute!!! - JG  7.21.09, 1:12pm

Michelle Wyman - These photos of Sophia are terrific... she is really cute!  7.20.09, 8:26pm

Lara - I love the way you take ordinary life and capture it so beautifully  7.20.09, 9:48am

Michele - Alex.... She is too gorgeous!!!! You must be one proud Daddy!  7.20.09, 9:43am