Kyla - This are wonderful. So different and so fun. You look so happy. Congrats!  7.22.09, 12:00am

Alex - Thanks Stephanie and Marilyne!  7.4.09, 8:00am

Stephanie Cain - These are awesome, Alex and Kate! Adam and Beth make beautiful subjects... as I expected they would :)  7.3.09, 7:38pm

Marilyne - Awwwwhh These Pics are GORGEOUSSSS guys!!! I'm with you Beth I CANNOT wait to see the rest of them!!!! <3 Looks like you had lots of Fun!!! =) hehe Ya u'll have to try this again at the wedding for sure!! Lol  7.3.09, 2:44pm

Alex - Thanks Beth - Kate and I are still laughing about that! We'll have to get you to show us on your wedding day ;)  7.3.09, 1:01pm

Beth - I love these pictures Alex!!! I can not wait to see the rest of them. Also I would like to add that later that evening I was able to master the piggy-back, I blame it all on Adam :)  7.3.09, 10:27am