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9.22.14   |   View More: News

5 quick tips to better pictures

Whether you're using a smart phone or the latest DSLR, the following 5 tips will help you take pictures with more impact. All the images in this blog post were shot with an iPhone.  
1. Keep it Simple  
In life and photography, keeping it simple is usually best. If you can position yourself so that there are fewer distractions in the shot, the more impact it will have. Can you move to eliminate distracting elements like exit signs, bright lights or clutter?
2. Get Low  
A cool perspective that we rarely get to see - put your phone/camera right at ground level and angle it up and see what you can see.
3. Shoot multiple angles  
Shoot the same scene from 3 different angles. This can get you thinking creatively and make for more interesting compositions.
4. Take multiple shots  
When you're photographing people - more images are better - take at least 5! Use burst mode to ensure you get good expressions. The image below was the last of 6 - some had eyes closed and others were a little blurry but this one was just right :)
5. Turn on the grid on your camera's display and use the rule of thirds.  
Get your main subject off centre. You'll notice that all the preceding pictures follow this rule. That's it for now - have fun and happy shooting!

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