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2.22.10   |   View More: Weddings

Wedding Album Feedback

We are always a little nervous when delivering a designer wedding album. They take a long time to produce, they are a significant investment and they will last for generations. When Peter picked up his album last week he had a quick look and seemed pleased but we were left wondering what Emily would think. We soon received the following email...  
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  
Our album is the most stunning wedding album I have ever seen, and not just because it has our cute faces in it ;) I knew it was going to be awesome, but it has by far surpassed my high expectations!!  
I'm so happy that we went with the larger size, it makes every layout even more breath taking. I "oohed and ahhed" over it for almost an hour when Pete brought it home. Pete and I were a little sad that we never got our wedding on film, but the album captures the emotions of the whole day in a much more personal and pristine way than a home movie could ever attempt to do. I can't wait to share it with our families!  
Thank you so much for making one very special day in our lives truly last for a lifetime! 
Hugs all around! 
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