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1.31.10   |   View More: News

$4,000 for Haiti

Our auction to raise funds for the people of Haiti ended Friday and we are so pleased with the results. Late Friday we received a very generous bid of $1,000 from Steve. This completely made my day and it turned out to be the high bid. But this was not to be the end of the story...  
On Saturday afternoon I discovered another bid of $1,000 that ended up mistakenly flagged as spam. This bidder asked to remain anonymous and wished to donate the session to a deserving family. We contacted the second bidder to explain that we already awarded the prize but if they would like to still donate, we'd offer an additional prize of equal value. They said yes!  
With the Canadian government matching donations this $2,000 becomes $4,000!  
To Steve and his family and our anonymous bidder, thank-you so much. As terrible a tragedy as the recent earthquake in Haiti is, it is amazing to see how much kindness and generosity there is in this world.
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