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10.9.09   |   View More: Weddings

Natasha & James

Not very often do I share an image from a ceremony on the blog, I always skip ahead to our time with the couple, but when I was browsing through Natasha & James' wedding images, this one really stood out to me. I really believe that in this moment they both must have been thinking the very same thing, because their expressions are so similar. We didn't do a unity candle at our wedding (outside, wind, didn't want our flame to blow out before our ceremony was even over!) but I think it is really beautiful symbolism, giving up your single flame to create a bigger flame...together. Maybe thats a bit deep, maybe all they were thinking was "don't blow hot wax on my hand, don't blow hot wax on my hand"... but either way I really liked the photo.  
The second shot is from our time just after their reception ended. It was earlier in the day for us, but the same amount of time had gone by, and these guys were a tad bit tired. After a couple of shots I got them to close their eyes and just relax for a minute, which I think was just what they needed. We wrapped up the shoot a few minutes later, but I really enjoyed how relaxed they looked here, as husband and wife!!! Congratulations Natasha & James! I am so happy for you both!!!

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