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Posted by Alex - 9.12.09   |   View More: Weddings

Leah & Kevin!!

This is a post about a special wedding for me as I was the photographer and best man. Our good friends, Kevin and Leah got married back at the beginning of the summer, so this is long over due :) 
First of all, I had lots of help from our associate Rebecca as well as another amazing photographer, Lara DeBruyn. Of course, Kate was shooting too so we had 4 points of view! It was so nice to be able to shoot for a bit and then put down the camera for a while and know that everything was still being documented. 
I love photographing weddings but it was nice to experience one from the 'inside' for a change. From sitting at the head table to waiting with the nervous groom out of site just before the ceremony and all the other little things that make weddings the wonderful events they are. 
Here are few highlights...
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