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To Bling or Not to Bling?

There seems to be a huge trend these days to bling up Bridal bouquets. This is nothing new really as we have been adding glitz and glitter to bouquets since the first Victorian lady carried a clutch of scented violets to mask the scent of her groom. (Back then it was not uncommon to have the flowers placed in an ornate silver tussie-mussie or wrapped with the finest silk and pearls)  
I have adorned Bridal bouquets with all sorts of things over the years...some really cool, some sentimental and some even a bit ridiculous. One of the most extravagant additions was the antique pearl necklace I was given and asked to de-string then wire each pearl, inserting them throughout the bouquet. It looked great, but I was pretty much cross-eyed by the time I was finished. A few diamonds went into another, while still another had different coloured candies (yes, candies!) added for colour and theme. Glass beads, crystal, silver wires, and gold chains have all made their way down the aisle via a Bridal bouquet, with varying success. 
Adding non-floral embellishments to a bouquet depends on many factors. Think about your dress for example; if it has a lot of pearls on it, you may want to add a few to the bouquet, so it further compliments the dress. Wisps of silver or gold bullion wire throughout a bouquet can add glitz without too much of a sparkle, so if a more subtle look is needed, this may well be the way to go. For an evening affair or a winter wedding, clear crystals embedded throughout makes for a glamorous look! 
Please, have a chat with your florist before going all crazy with the beads and bits, ladies! Remember that a little can go a long way. Here's the thing; you know when we have a meal there's a main course with side dishes and garnish. This is how a bouquet should be put together. The main course would be the focal flower(s), with the sides being any accent flowers, and the garnish would be the pearls, crystal, beads, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is not to get too carried away with it all, or before you know it you'll have a bouquet that is more stuff than flowers, which could easily compete for attention with the dress. A good bouquet should compliment a beautiful dress, accent it well, and not take away from it.  
So, have a dig through Grammy's jewelry box and see what you can find...but if it's a string of pearls, do it yourself!!! 
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