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My Grandfather, Peter Alan MacLellan served in the Second World War. I was too young to remember when he passed away, but I often think of him, especially this time of year. 
Below is my great-grand mother's purse that she used to hold letters from four of her sons that were serving overseas during the war.
This is one of the letters from the purse. It's from her son John, who was killed in the Dieppe Raid, August 19th, 1942.

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We recently had the pleasure of getting together with our good friends for some family pictures. There were laughs, a few tears, and lots of smiles :) Here are a couple of favourites.

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Family Album

We do a lot of albums for a lot of wonderful families. Here's a recent design featuring Clare and her mom and dad.
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Fun in the Park

No two family sessions are the same - kids always have a way of surprising you :) We had a wonderful session with the James family who were in town from England. They have two active boys who were so much fun to photograph!
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Fast Family

It was so wonderful to re-connect with Amy and Mark and their son Jackson over the weekend!! We photographed their wedding back in 2007. We were expecting to be somewhat limited with what we could do with a 10 month old but Jackson was not only standing but walking too!

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Little Pumpkin

It's a great time of year for family photography! We had the pleasure of working with Clare and her parents yesterday. What an adorable and determined little girl :)
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Beautiful Day for Family Photographs

We lucked into a couple of beautiful days at White Point - both for a wedding yesterday and a family session last week. Watch for a wedding image later in the week - here's one from the family session
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It's been a while since we posted about Sophia so I thought I'd share some images from her recent trip to Toronto. It was a big trip with lots of firsts - first flight, subway ride and her first trip to the Eaton Centre.
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Four Generations - beautiful!

Recently, I had a pleasure of working with our friends at the Head Shoppe on a family make-over event. It wasn't until these five beautiful women were all in front of my camera that I found out that they represented four generations! I got chills.  
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Lirette Family

Spent a wonderful couple of hours with the Lirette family last weekend. Here is a 'teaser' image from our session.

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