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Posted by Alex - 6.3.09   |   View More: Engagements

Ciara & Mike

We had a great day at the park with Ciara & Mike. From chatting about unique pizza recipes to 'talking shop' - Mike is a fellow Nikon shooter :) Can you tell that they might be fun to hang out with?

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Jade & Robbie

It was obvious that Jade and Robbie were made for each other! They reminded me why we love photographing people in love.

Posted by Alex - 5.2.09   |   View More: Engagements

Erin & Adam E-session

I had the pleasure of working with Erin and Adam this week and I think we were all really happy with how the session went. With careers in finance and accounting, you might not assume that they'd make great models but they really rocked this session!
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Posted by Alex - 3.2.09   |   View More: Engagements

Self Portrait

Kate & I recently headed out for a shoot where the couple canceled at the last minute. Rather than put the camera away, we stuck it on the tripod, set the timer and had some fun. We weren't so graceful on the way back down - falling several times :)

Posted by Alex - 1.23.09   |   View More: Engagements

Jennifer & Phillip

Thanks to Jennifer & Phillip for running, jumping and climbing! We had a great time last weekend and can't wait till next August to work with them again.

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Anna & Devin

We heard that Devin might not consider a photography session while home for the holidays as a "must do" :) In the end we had a great time with he and Anna running about downtown Halifax! Here are a couple of images from the session.
Posted by Alex - 12.28.08   |   View More: Engagements

Jennifer & Mike

Jennifer & Mike braved the fog, drizzle and darkness today and I think we ended up with some really fun images! 
Here's one that caught my eye& 
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Laci & Geoff

It was great getting to meet Laci & Geoff before their wedding. They were only in town for a day so we went out in the rain and got some fun shots :)
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