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Posted by Alex - 1.11.10   |   View More: Engagements

Leasa & Troy

Kate and I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Leasa, Troy and their baby, Jaxon on Saturday.

Posted by Alex - 11.13.09   |   View More: Engagements

Jenine & John

Jenine is the talented photographer behind Blue Vine Photography. We are very flattered that she and John chose us as their wedding photographers. Photographing another photographer comes with some extra pressure - luckily for us they have a great energy about them that made our job easy.

Posted by Alex - 11.4.09   |   View More: Engagements

Kim & Wayne

Kim & Wayne welcomed us into their beautiful new home and we felt like we could have hung out for hours...but we had work to do! We found we had lots in common from John Deer lawn tractors to red wine. I also left with a new appreciation for '69 Corvettes!

Posted by Alex - 10.15.09   |   View More: Engagements

Laura & Paul

Laura and Paul were great to work with in spite of a frosty evening :) It's always fun to work with musicians and although this was an engagement session, we were able to work in Paul's '57 Gibson guitar.

Posted by Alex - 10.1.09   |   View More: Engagements

Monika & Mitchell

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know a couple. It was a pleasure to spend some time with Monika and Mitchell on Sunday. Really looking forward to their wedding next August!
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Emily & Fraser

When Emily suggested jumping in the lake as a way to finish up her and Fraser's engagement session, we knew we were in for a fun shoot :)

Posted by Alex - 8.7.09   |   View More: Engagements

Heather & Jonathan

We've been looking forward to Heather & Jonathan's wedding since long before they were engaged. It's hard to believe that the big day is just around the corner! Based on our experience with their engagement session - we're in for a wild time at the wedding!!

Posted by Alex - 8.1.09   |   View More: Engagements

Gillian & Peter

It was a special evening - not just because of a sunset that seemed to go on forever but because I got to spend it with Gillian and Peter. 
Gillian and Peter - you were wonderful to work with and I am really looking forward to your wedding in May!
7.29.09   |   View More: Engagements

Amy & Jeff

Well what a day for weather!! It was "rainfall warning in effect" and "thunder showers" for the evening. Now I am not sure if you know but rainfall warnings and lighting can be scary with camera gear, light stands and metal tripods so we were on the fence about going forward...the sun tricked us all into coming out to play (it came out in full force) and then completely hid away. But the cool foggy evening kept the couple close and added a cool mood to the photos! 
Posted by Alex - 7.24.09   |   View More: Engagements

Katie & Scott

We had a gorgeous night in Chester last week for Katie and Scott's engagement session. Like most couples, they were a little apprehensive at first but it wasn't long before they got into a groove.
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