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Kristin & James

What a great weekend! It was great to work with Kristin & James and celebrate with their family and friends on Thanksgiving weekend. There was a real air of thankfulness about the wedding, and nothing was taken for granted, which made the atmosphere a wonderful one to be at.  
On the way back from our quick downtown shoot I made these guys pull over by citadel hill to grab this shot. I'm so glad we did as it's my favorite from the day! 
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Rachel Matthews

Over the years, I've photographed Rachel Matthews countless times at weddings and I've always been frustrated with the resulting images - but it's not been her fault :) She's beautiful, her cello is beautiful and so is her music but the pictures never quite seem to capture this. 
Last Sunday we finally got the chance to work together for a couple of hours and I think I've gotten closer than ever before to capturing what I've been experiencing for so long at weddings.
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Stacey & Brody

It was so funny having a husband and a groom with the same first name! By the end of the day Stacy had named my Brodie "Mac Daddy" (from his last name MacInnis) just to keep them strait! We had tons of fun with Stacey and Brody and even though it was a wet day, we got to go to Point Pleasant Park for some cool stuff.

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Brianne & Corey

We first met Brianne and Corey when we did a family session with Brianne's family back in 2007. The Mullowney's are a wonderful family - three beautiful sisters and such warm and fun parents.  
A picture like this makes me think Sophia should have siblings :)
The weather was perfect - just enough rain "for effect".
Groomsman down! Groomsman down! I'm still laughing about this one :) What a great bunch of guys!

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Tammy & Rick

We had an amazing session with Tammy & Rick recently. Here's one of my favorites.
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Natasha & James

Not very often do I share an image from a ceremony on the blog, I always skip ahead to our time with the couple, but when I was browsing through Natasha & James' wedding images, this one really stood out to me. I really believe that in this moment they both must have been thinking the very same thing, because their expressions are so similar. We didn't do a unity candle at our wedding (outside, wind, didn't want our flame to blow out before our ceremony was even over!) but I think it is really beautiful symbolism, giving up your single flame to create a bigger flame...together. Maybe thats a bit deep, maybe all they were thinking was "don't blow hot wax on my hand, don't blow hot wax on my hand"... but either way I really liked the photo.  
The second shot is from our time just after their reception ended. It was earlier in the day for us, but the same amount of time had gone by, and these guys were a tad bit tired. After a couple of shots I got them to close their eyes and just relax for a minute, which I think was just what they needed. We wrapped up the shoot a few minutes later, but I really enjoyed how relaxed they looked here, as husband and wife!!! Congratulations Natasha & James! I am so happy for you both!!!

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Laura & Luke

As friends, it's been fun to follow along as Luke and Laura planned their wedding. Last Saturday was their big day and Kate and I couldn't be happier for them!
Since we were wedding guests as well as photographers we stayed for the party. So this is what we've been missing :)

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Katie & Keenan

On the way to getting some photos of the bridal party Katie and Keenan walked up this grassy hill. They stepped into this little patch of sunlight filtering through the trees and I thought my heart was going to stop!

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Heather & Jonathan

We've been photographing weddings for over 15 years now. Just when you think you've seen everything - along comes Heather & Jonathan!!! We heard things we've never heard before at a wedding - we saw things we'd never seen before at a wedding. What a day!!

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Erika & David

What an AMAZING wedding we had last weekend with Erika & David. Through a series of events David & Erika opted to have a small intimate backyard ceremony and an intimate dinner with family and friends. I know I am pretty much a sap in general, but when David's son and Erika's daughter came up to hug them both after the ceremony...I definitely shed a few tearsl! They were up for anything so we went to a couple of unique locations and got some great shots! However, one of my favorites though has to be the shot of the entire group, standing together, holding hands and blessing the meal and the new married couple. Not often can all the wedding guests hold hands around one table! Congratulations David & Erika!!!
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