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Our New Associates

We are so excited to introduce to everyone our new associate photographers Rose and Des! They are very fun to be around and really love shooting weddings. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more info and images. Welcome to the amphoto team!

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Sarah & JImmy

What a way to finish the 2009 wedding season! Sarah & Jimmy you were amazing!

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We thought that it would be fun to periodically have a theme to the image of the day that ran through the week. This week we are very excited to kick things off featuring bridesmaids.  
You often hear during the wedding speeches of how beautiful the bridesmaids look. Although it's a bit of a cliche, in my experience there's a lot of truth to it as you will see. We consistently get to work with brides that are beautiful, successful and fun to be around and it turns out the women they choose as their bridesmaids share these qualities.

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As a photographer, it's often easier to capture someone's outer beauty. Sometimes you get lucky and capture something deeper.

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Sindy & Andrew

Sindy and Andrew were so much fun to spend time with - we even had time to grab some coffee and tea to warm up during the photography session!
Their wedding reception had a masquerade theme which made for lots of 'photo-ops'.

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Happy 50th Anniversary!

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of joining the family of one of our good friends Carmen for a special evening. On October 31,1959, Philip and Dorothy Handy were married and had their wedding reception at The Hotel Nova Scotian. Fifty years later to the day, they returned to the site of their wedding reception - now the Westin Nova Scotian to celebrate. 
Their eldest son Michael Handy toasted the couple with a beautiful poem. Here is a line from that poem: If not for your love of one another, what would be my fate and of my sisters and brother? 
What a warm and wonderful family! Congratulations to the Handy's!

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Carrie & Chad

Though it was a wet, windy and cold day, Carrie & Chad and their bridal party braved the elements for some cool downtown shots. I don't think we should have expected anything different, after all we did Carrie & Chad's engagement shoot in the POURING rain in the spring. After the group shots were over we went inside so Carrie could freshen up, warm up and get a bandaid for her poor feet. When we came back outside it was dark (And I didn't think we had been that long) but it worked to our advantage! It may have been cold but I didn't notice until we were wrapped up because Carrie kept me laughing the whole time! You guys were great!  

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Sunrise at White Point

Beth and Daniel wanted to get an early start on their wedding day so we headed for the beach at sunrise. Luckily for us, it was as they say, a great day at White Point. 
The colours really jump out at me in this image. The mirroring of the blue from Beth's dress with the sky and her beautiful blond hair with the sand and the rising sun. You've got to love it when everything comes together!

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Neville's Art | vol III

Neville continues to impress me with the creations he comes up with. There are always so many interesting angles!
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Melanie & Peter

Domaine de Grand Pre is the perfect setting for a fall wedding!
Melanie & Peter met while they were both attending Acadia so it was nice that we were able to drop in for some pictures.

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