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Gillian & Jeff

When two adventurous, fun loving people get married, you know you're in for a fun day. From Gillian's surprise dance to Jeff's amazing jam session with the band, it was a wedding to remember!

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Gillian & Peter

Saturday's rain overlapped perfectly with the time we were supposed to be outside taking pictures but that didn't seem to bother Gillian & Peter. We had a wonderful time, inside and out with them and their awesome wedding party!

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Helen & Scott

Scott McIntyre is an incredibly talented and successful photographer based in Sydney. He definitely has a critical eye when in comes to wedding photography so we were honoured when he and Helen asked us to be their photographers.  
We are so grateful to Scott and Helen as well as all of their friends and family for welcoming Kate and I as part of the gang. It was an amazing week - sunshine and rain - smiles and tears - laughter and love.  
Here is a sampling of images from their wedding week in Punta Cana.
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Neville's Art | Vol V

Jaw-dropping wedding bouquets and centre pieces by Halifax-based floral artist Neville MacKay - here is the latest installment of Neville's Art!
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Anthony & Benjie

Kate and I were excited to photograph our first wedding with two grooms. Anthony & Benjie made it very easy for us - the love between them and from their friends and family made for a perfect wedding!
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Anna & Devin

Avril Mulholland is the creative force behind Update Events - an event coordination company specializing in decor and design based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She's a wonderful person that really loves what she does but don't take my word for it. We've just posted 4 new galleries of her work under her Friends Section.  
Press the "Play" button in the bottom right hand corner to check out some of her work.
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Wedding Album Feedback

We are always a little nervous when delivering a designer wedding album. They take a long time to produce, they are a significant investment and they will last for generations. When Peter picked up his album last week he had a quick look and seemed pleased but we were left wondering what Emily would think. We soon received the following email...  
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  
Our album is the most stunning wedding album I have ever seen, and not just because it has our cute faces in it ;) I knew it was going to be awesome, but it has by far surpassed my high expectations!!  
I'm so happy that we went with the larger size, it makes every layout even more breath taking. I "oohed and ahhed" over it for almost an hour when Pete brought it home. Pete and I were a little sad that we never got our wedding on film, but the album captures the emotions of the whole day in a much more personal and pristine way than a home movie could ever attempt to do. I can't wait to share it with our families!  
Thank you so much for making one very special day in our lives truly last for a lifetime! 
Hugs all around! 
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Our friends at Oceanstone have just launched a new wedding website. You can tell the MacInnis Family takes a lot of pride in their amazing property and in looking after their guests.  
We've photographed many weddings at Oceanstone - here are few of the memories...
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Neville's Art | vol IV

There was moss, driftwood, pebbles and the most amazing is the latest installment of Neville's art...
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10 things about Rose & Des

We are really excited to have Rose and Des join our team as associate photographers. They are passionate about photography and a lot of fun to be around. I asked Rose to pass on some juicy details that we could share with everyone...  
1. During the week, Des and I are cancer researchers. Our jobs involve a lot of photography; except our subjects are tumors, not people. 
2. Des carried the torch in the 1988 Olympic winter games on the first day of the Canadian leg just outside of St. John's, NL. That was a proud moment for him. 
3. We are fairly untraditional. I proposed to Des and bought him a camera instead of a ring. With intentions of formally proposing, I flung the camera bag at him. When he asked what it was for, I told him that if he accepted the camera, we were engaged. He must have really wanted that camera:) 
4. We have a really cute little boy, Andrew. His favourite words are uh-oh and that. I am sure as he gets older Mom, get that camera out of my face will be a big part of his vocabulary. That's okay, we have enough blackmail material to ensure that those teenage curfews will be respected. 
5. Des and I are real nerds. We may look normal but we are really only a few genes away from requiring pocket protectors. 
6. Our son's initials read ATP. If you are a true nerd like us, you will get that and love it. 
7. I have been doing photography since I was 15. I used to develop black and white prints in my parents' bathroom and dry my negatives clipped on their dining room fan. Our dining room and bathroom always had that vinegary darkroom smell to it. 
8. Des learned about digital photography using a little 2.1 megapixel digital elph. Some of the pictures he took with it are stunning and still hanging up as 8x10's in our house, proving that the one with the most megapixels doesn't always win the race. 
9. I am an artist at heart. My mother told me I used to sign my name by drawing a flower before I could read or write. I wish I had more time to draw, paint and sculpt, but I would require a couple extra arms and 30 hour days. 
10. Both of us have completed marathons. Des literally ran two marathons while I more or less hobbled, stumbled, and crawled my way through one (to my credit it was raining sideways). I have no plans to ever do it again.

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