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Let's Get Personal!

Choosing a Bridal bouquet is a personal thing for most, and can be a bit stressful as well. (Even for us florists!) There are so many choices out there and now with the internet the ideas are endless( so one would think. My darlings, its really important to get ideas from those in the know, as even though cyberspace might say a flower is readily available, you may well be set up for disappointment. I had a sweet gal call me for help recently who was very upset. She had ordered a specific colour and type of flower for her wedding (not from a florist) and found out close to her big day that those flowers were not available here at that time of year. Sadly this happens far too often, and can really throw a wrench in your plans.  
Reputable florists will gladly set up a time to meet and go over your thoughts and ideas, offering suggestions, colours and floral options based on their experience, knowledge of availability and design skills. The thing is, too, that this is a great way to see if you are comfortable working with your florist, and them with you. We in the floral world know what will and wont work for the venue, the time of year, etc. and can always offer a plan B if necessary. Really, for most brides this will be their first (or second) experience in planning a wedding, so rely on the experts for guidance.  
Choosing and designing your bouquet is a very personal and exciting experience, and one that with a little help, can be a fun and memorable time!  
Questions? Email Neville
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Leasa & Troy

Leasa had to get a new dress right before her wedding because of a problem with the one she originally picked out. If something had to go not according to plan, this dress made her look stunning. Together these two were hot stuff!
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Karen and Grant

Karen and Grant's wedding was held at a cottage in Kingsburg area. The original plan was to go into near by Lunenburg, but when we got to the beach, I was glad they decided to stay!
The first thing that Kodak and Uma did when they saw Karen was race to see her and dive into her dress. Karen and Kodak look great in white!
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Jenine & John

In addition to being an awesome photographer, Jenine made for an amazing bride! She and John were such a pleasure to spend the day with!  
Jenine also gave one of the nicest speeches we've heard at a wedding - I loved her parents reactions.

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Laura & Paul

Since Laura & Paul's images are just about ready, we thought it would be fun to share a few more teasers...
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Reena & Luke

It was a day filled with surprises - from the piggy-back down the aisle to Luke's family home which was a photographers dream!

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Shannon & Ryan

Sometimes the last picture is the best. Here's a quiet moment with Shannon and Ryan.
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Lena & Zahi

Kate and I had a wonderful day with Lena & Zahi. Not only did they have the same reception location that Kate & I did for our wedding - they also had the same song for their first dance. Pretty cool!
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Melissa & Sam

Melissa and Sam met when they were at Acacia University in Wolfvile. What a beautiful place to get married.
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Laura & Paul

As soon as we heard that Laura & Paul were considering having us as their photographers, we really wanted to be a part of this very special day. Since Paul is a talented musician with lots of talented musician friends, we were pretty sure that they were going to have quite the party - we weren't disappointed!
The texture that's been overlayed on the image below is from a close-up shot of Paul's vintage Gibson guitar.

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