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Posted by Alex - 9.12.09   |   View More: Weddings

Leah & Kevin!!

This is a post about a special wedding for me as I was the photographer and best man. Our good friends, Kevin and Leah got married back at the beginning of the summer, so this is long over due :) 
First of all, I had lots of help from our associate Rebecca as well as another amazing photographer, Lara DeBruyn. Of course, Kate was shooting too so we had 4 points of view! It was so nice to be able to shoot for a bit and then put down the camera for a while and know that everything was still being documented. 
I love photographing weddings but it was nice to experience one from the 'inside' for a change. From sitting at the head table to waiting with the nervous groom out of site just before the ceremony and all the other little things that make weddings the wonderful events they are. 
Here are few highlights...
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9.12.09   |   View More: Weddings

Laci & Geoff

Last weekend I photographed my first wedding at Oceanstone, and what a beautiful location that is!! We had a beautiful day, an amazing ceremony and how cool is it to be able to take pictures at Peggy's Cove? There were lots of great images from our time at Oceanstone and around the Peggy's Cove area but this one really stood out to me because of its simplicity. A beautiful location + beautiful couple =  
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Jade & Robbie

If rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky, then Jade and Robbie will probably win the lottery! I have to say that we like rain as much as sun because the change in natural light is really exciting creatively. 
Posted by Alex - 9.5.09   |   View More: Weddings

Stephanie & Tyler - TTD

Stephanie mentioned that she'd be up for a trash the dress session sometime after her and Tyler's wedding last fall. We finally got around to the session last week and it was so worth the wait! Afterward, my face was sore from all the smiling and laughing!
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Posted by Alex - 9.3.09   |   View More: Weddings

Lacey & Ciaran

We 're getting together soon with Lacey and Ciaran for a viewing session where they'll see all their wedding images for the first time - very exciting! In advance of the meeting, we wanted to share a few images :)
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Posted by Alex - 8.31.09   |   View More: Weddings

Ciara & Mike

We felt a pretty strong connection with Ciara and Mike before the wedding and were really looking forward to their big day! 
These images jumped out at me because they remind me why I love to shoot with Kate. It's pretty cool to be able look back on the same moment from two perspectives - and such an amazing moment at that - the moment they both realize it's official!
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Susan & Michael

Michael is totally into golf, so Glen Arbour was the perfect place for their wedding. On one of the hottest days this year, they looked really cool!
Posted by Alex - 8.25.09   |   View More: Weddings

Mekalai & Sanj

We spent an amazing couple of days with Mekalai & Sanj - there was laughter, tears, wonderful food, lots of colour and fascinating traditions.
Posted by Alex - 8.24.09   |   View More: Weddings

Tanya & Steve

Even though I'm from Cape Breton, I'd never been to the Arichat / Petit De Grat area. What a beautiful part of the world and talk about friendly!! Kate and I were blown away by how welcoming everyone was. It was like we were photographing a friends wedding.

Posted by Alex - 8.19.09   |   View More: Weddings

Jennifer & Michael

With so many elements involved in weddings, it's easy to loose site of what it's all about! Jennifer and Michael's beautiful ceremony was a reminder to me about why everyone came together on Saturday.
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