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Monika & Mitchell

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know a couple. It was a pleasure to spend some time with Monika and Mitchell on Sunday. Really looking forward to their wedding next August!
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Tara & Karl

When a bride spontaneously picks up her dress and runs through a 12 foot wide channel of water to get to a sand bar for a cool picture - that's dedication!
Tara had a tough time getting through her speech - but she did it! Here she's thanking Karl's parents for "making him".
...and their reaction :)

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Beth & Adam

Ever since the engagement session, we knew that we would be in for a fun time at their wedding. You could describe Beth & Adam as full of energy and up for anything!! 
I swear these guys must have been practicing - they were so in sync! 
Beth had inside connections to an amazing space - her office!
Adam's grandfather (aka Grampy) performed the marriage ceremony. He's pictured here congratulating Adam right after the ceremony.

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Little Pumpkin

It's a great time of year for family photography! We had the pleasure of working with Clare and her parents yesterday. What an adorable and determined little girl :)
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Gabe & Jeff

We first met Gabe & Jeff at Shannon & Ryan's wedding in October of 2007. There was no missing the chemistry between them and I remember thinking they would be a great couple to work with. Last Saturday, nearly 2 years later, we had the opportunity!  
There were countless smiles, wonderful music, beautiful Cape Breton scenery and a rainbow that seemed to last for hours!
Here's that 'chemistry' I saw when we first met Gabe and Jeff.
The receiving line is usually rushed so that you can get on with the rest of the day. Gabe and Jeff had the longest receiving line (in terms of time) we've ever seen and I'm so glad they did - there were so many touching moments. Here Gabe is thanking her parents - she wasn't the only one with tears in her eyes - Kate and I found ourselves pretty caught up in the moment too.

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Emily & Fraser

When Emily suggested jumping in the lake as a way to finish up her and Fraser's engagement session, we knew we were in for a fun shoot :)

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Victoria & Andrew

Three un-prompted moments from an incredible wedding! 
While we were taking pictures of Victoria and Andrew, David his best man and Meghan her Matron on honour went for a bite to eat across the street.
In the "waiting room" only 10 minutes before the ceremony. With at least a dozen other people in the room, a narrow beam of sunlight came through the window and fell on just Victoria. What a stunning bride!
Off to Fred for the reception - cool couple - cool reception.
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Katie & Scott

From the quaint little church to the boat ride to the reception, Katie and Scott's wedding was the perfect blend of excitement, elegance and fun.

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Kelly & Marc

We had a busy week with 3 weddings, the first on Wednesday which happened to be 09/09/09. Kelly and Marc live in Bermuda, so even though it was a beautiful day, I think some of their guests found it a bit chilly.  
There is a quiet connection between Kelly & Marc which we observed throughout the day and that I think is reflected in this image.

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Leah & Kevin!!

This is a post about a special wedding for me as I was the photographer and best man. Our good friends, Kevin and Leah got married back at the beginning of the summer, so this is long over due :) 
First of all, I had lots of help from our associate Rebecca as well as another amazing photographer, Lara DeBruyn. Of course, Kate was shooting too so we had 4 points of view! It was so nice to be able to shoot for a bit and then put down the camera for a while and know that everything was still being documented. 
I love photographing weddings but it was nice to experience one from the 'inside' for a change. From sitting at the head table to waiting with the nervous groom out of site just before the ceremony and all the other little things that make weddings the wonderful events they are. 
Here are few highlights...
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