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Sindy & Andrew

Sindy and Andrew were so much fun to spend time with - we even had time to grab some coffee and tea to warm up during the photography session!
Their wedding reception had a masquerade theme which made for lots of 'photo-ops'.

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Kim & Wayne

Kim & Wayne welcomed us into their beautiful new home and we felt like we could have hung out for hours...but we had work to do! We found we had lots in common from John Deer lawn tractors to red wine. I also left with a new appreciation for '69 Corvettes!

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Caught up with the guys from the band Skully at the Split Crow on Saturday. Click "Play" to see Bruce, Bob, Rob and Neil in action.
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Melanie & Peter

Domaine de Grand Pre is the perfect setting for a fall wedding!
Melanie & Peter met while they were both attending Acadia so it was nice that we were able to drop in for some pictures.

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Rachel Matthews

Over the years, I've photographed Rachel Matthews countless times at weddings and I've always been frustrated with the resulting images - but it's not been her fault :) She's beautiful, her cello is beautiful and so is her music but the pictures never quite seem to capture this. 
Last Sunday we finally got the chance to work together for a couple of hours and I think I've gotten closer than ever before to capturing what I've been experiencing for so long at weddings.
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Laura & Paul

Laura and Paul were great to work with in spite of a frosty evening :) It's always fun to work with musicians and although this was an engagement session, we were able to work in Paul's '57 Gibson guitar.

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Brianne & Corey

We first met Brianne and Corey when we did a family session with Brianne's family back in 2007. The Mullowney's are a wonderful family - three beautiful sisters and such warm and fun parents.  
A picture like this makes me think Sophia should have siblings :)
The weather was perfect - just enough rain "for effect".
Groomsman down! Groomsman down! I'm still laughing about this one :) What a great bunch of guys!

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Amy's mom contacted us a while back about grad photos saying she "didn't want typical". Amy was a bright, intelligent and fun person to work with - not to mention a natural in front of the camera!
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Laura & Luke

As friends, it's been fun to follow along as Luke and Laura planned their wedding. Last Saturday was their big day and Kate and I couldn't be happier for them!
Since we were wedding guests as well as photographers we stayed for the party. So this is what we've been missing :)

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Heather & Jonathan

We've been photographing weddings for over 15 years now. Just when you think you've seen everything - along comes Heather & Jonathan!!! We heard things we've never heard before at a wedding - we saw things we'd never seen before at a wedding. What a day!!

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