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Daniel Matto - New CD

The very talented Daniel Matto just released a new CD called I'm Old Fashioned. The sound? I think Michael Buble. You can hear songs from the new CD on his Website.  
Warning: If you just let the music play in the background for a while as you're browsing or checking email, you may find yourself wanting the CD :) 
Below: The Daniel Matto Quintet at the CD Launch party.
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Gillian & Peter

Saturday's rain overlapped perfectly with the time we were supposed to be outside taking pictures but that didn't seem to bother Gillian & Peter. We had a wonderful time, inside and out with them and their awesome wedding party!

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Helen & Scott

Scott McIntyre is an incredibly talented and successful photographer based in Sydney. He definitely has a critical eye when in comes to wedding photography so we were honoured when he and Helen asked us to be their photographers.  
We are so grateful to Scott and Helen as well as all of their friends and family for welcoming Kate and I as part of the gang. It was an amazing week - sunshine and rain - smiles and tears - laughter and love.  
Here is a sampling of images from their wedding week in Punta Cana.
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Anthony & Benjie

Kate and I were excited to photograph our first wedding with two grooms. Anthony & Benjie made it very easy for us - the love between them and from their friends and family made for a perfect wedding!
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Sheila Aucoin

Kate and I had the pleasure of spending some time with the talented and beautiful Sheila Aucoin. We didn't get to hear her sing but she certainly made this gorgeous Steinway come to life!
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Fast Family Album

Creating albums for our clients is one of the most rewarding things that we do. To know that we have a hand in something that may become a family heirloom - it doesn't get much better than this. Thanks to the Fast Family for letting us share their layout and for being such wonderful people!
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Leasa & Troy

Kate and I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Leasa, Troy and their baby, Jaxon on Saturday.

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Sarah & JImmy

What a way to finish the 2009 wedding season! Sarah & Jimmy you were amazing!

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As a photographer, it's often easier to capture someone's outer beauty. Sometimes you get lucky and capture something deeper.

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Jenine & John

Jenine is the talented photographer behind Blue Vine Photography. We are very flattered that she and John chose us as their wedding photographers. Photographing another photographer comes with some extra pressure - luckily for us they have a great energy about them that made our job easy.

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