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Brittany & Russ

Kate and I first met Russ as a DJ at a wedding. He was such a kind and approachable guy. He promised that when he got married, he would look us up. Although many years have passed - he kept his word and we're so glad that he did!
The kiss.
These two were too cute!
Since she wasn't able to come to the ceremony or reception, we made a very moving visit to Brittany's grandmother's home.
On the waterfront - loving the non-traditon foot ware!
Just outside the reception - what a great way to finish the night!
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You may delay, but time will not.

The picture below is of my uncle David - my mom's youngest brother - I remember my mom taking it. Uncle David couldn't have been much older than 20 and was soon heading to Alberta for work. The scary thing about coming across this image today is that just two weeks ago, uncle David celebrated his 50th birthday! 
While I'm glad mom thought to take this picture - there's an image I would love to have but was never taken. I remember being a kid and bugging my uncle to play with me. We'd go for walks on the train tracks at my grandmother's place - I'd ramble on and he would listen. He was a cool guy I looked up to that made time for me. I would love to have a picture of uncle David and I walking on the train tracks when I was a kid - I feel like somehow that image could help to solidify and preserve that memory. 
I would love to hear from you - about images you're thankful were taken or you wish had of been. Please feel free to comment below.
This may explain my efforts to capture my family on the tracks now :)
We make time every year to have our family pictures done and just looking back 4-years since Sophia was born we are blown away by how much has changed!
We all know that time goes by too fast when you have kids. We frequently hear from parents that it's been years since they've had family pictures done. So it's no trouble to convince parents that having a family session is a good idea - our challenge is to help parents book a date and just do it! 
In our experience, setting a date for family pictures is one of the easiest things to put off to another day. Parents want to get their hair done or lose a little weight or - this time of year - wait for better weather.  
Our advice - don't worry about your hair, weight or weather - the right photographer will be able to capture who you are as a family in a flattering way. While we enjoy our family pictures as parents now, we're pretty confident that Sophia, our daughter will appreciate them even more as the years pass. 
So, find someone you're comfortable with to document your family today!

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Wedding Favourites

From January 1st to December 28th we had an amazing wedding season. We continue to be impressed with the wonderful people we attract as clients - thanks to them for trusting us with their wedding photography.
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We were so excited to meet Yanni - Georgina and Jimmy's new addition. They are so in love and for good reason.
Quiet time with granny.
What a proud Dad!
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Roberts Family

What a pleasure it was to work with this family!
A little run in the backyard.
It's my hope some of our work will be enjoyed and appreciated years from now - with this in mind, I've got a good feeling about this image.
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Krista & Josh

We had a great time with Krista & Josh the other night. From bombing around the park to hanging out downtown.
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It's been a while since we posted on the's been a busy summer! Kate and I have enjoyed meeting so many new clients and connecting with people we've worked with before. Be sure and visit out our Facebook Page - there are lots of new images to check out. Please stay tuned - there are a number of exciting things we are working on - details soon! 
Speaking of re-connecting with clients - we had the pleasure of dropping in on Georgina and Jimmy recently - they are very excited for obvious reasons :)
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Shanlyn & Damian

Shanlyn & Damian had a wonderful wedding on Saturday. From the ice-cream bar to Shanlyn's Dad singing their first dance song - there were so many unique details and surprises. We found ourselves getting caught up in the fun and felt more like guests than photographers.  
Below, Damian's best man warms up the dance floor.  
More images on our Facebook Page.

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Keltie makes being pregnant look so good! Kate and I had a great time re-connecting with Keltie, Adam and there beautiful son Max after photographing their wedding 5 years ago. More images on our Facebook Page.
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Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt were married on Saturday. Their day was elegant but laid-back at the same time - such a fun and gracious couple!  
Love this image of Kate's just as everyone readies themselves for their trip down the aisle - the father of the bride and groom are in the background. More images on our Facebook Page.
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