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Melanie & Jeff

It was so much fun re-connecting with our friends Melanie & Jeff recently for an engagement session. Not only are they great people - they're pretty hot in front of the camera!

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Hannah & Andrew

Hannah and Andrew (in uniform) braved the heat and had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Oak Island Resort. While the air outside cooled as the night went on, the reception was lively and full of warmth. Thanks for letting us be part of your day!

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Maria & Josh

Maria & Josh's wedding day was filled with smiles, a few happy tears and beautiful music.

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Rochelle & Isaac

Rochelle and Isaac told us that the two most important things about their wedding were the photography and the music provided by their good friend Stu Marchand. No pressure!
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Kyla & Derek

We really got the sense that Kyla and Derek's friends and family really like to party!!

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Jennifer From Layers

A big congrats to Jennifer from Layers whose amazing work was just published in the prestigious Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. She is an artist and this is well deserved - way to go Jen!!

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Nevilles' Art | Vol VI

Long overdue - here are some of Neville's recent masterpieces!
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Since we are in the heart of vacation season, I thought it was a good time to share some ideas and images with a vacation theme.  
Use your self-timer 
It's nice to have a record of everyone that was on the trip and often the photographer get's left out. For this shot, I set the camera on a pic-nic table. I also ran back to the camera a couple of times to increase the odds of having a nice picture with everyone looking at the camera.
Capture the flavour of the people and place you are visiting 
On a recent trip to PEI, we rented a cottage that was on a dairy farm. We had a great chat with one of the farmers and made sure to ask him for a quick portrait. Don't be shy about asking someone that ends up being part of your trip if you can take their picture.
Watch for details 
While we took other shots during Sophia's first attempt at mini golf this one is my favourite. It's of her picking out the purple ball - her favourite colour.
Always have your camera ready! 
When traveling with kids, you never know what might happen. 

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Chantale & Michael

There was so much to photograph at Chantale & Michael's wedding - it was hard to choose just a couple of images to share. They had a beautiful ceremony followed by an amazing celebration!

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Gillian & Jeff

A few more from Gillian & Jeff's wedding...
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