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Michael J. "Shorty"' MacNeil

We received the sad news that my grandmothers brother passed away on Friday. The image below was taken just two weeks ago - now I am so grateful I had this opportunity. Even though his health deteriorated over the last several years, he remained the big man (he was 6'6") with a big heart that I've looked up to since I was a child.
Here is an image from the 50's with "Shorty" in the drivers seat and my uncle Don on the hood.

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Angela & Matt

Angela & Matt are such a fun couple. Their wedding day went by in a blur - always a good sign! More on our Facebook Page.

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Camera Shopping

Travel (and new babies) seem to be a great excuse to buy a new camera. Recently my Mom decided it was time to upgrade to a new digital SLR camera for a trip to Rome she and my Dad were planning. Of course I was happy to help so off to the camera store we went. After looking at the options and chatting with a very helpful salesperson, my Mom was outfitted with a new DSLR kit. The whole experience was great and, as I gave my Mom a few tips with the new camera, I was surprised how well it worked and with the quality of the images.  
Here are a few tips that you might find helpful if you find yourself in the market for a new camera:  
> Go to a store that specializes in cameras. While big-box stores can be an option, the staff in specialty shops are usually very knowledgeable and very in to photography themselves. Also, don't assume that it will be more expensive at the specialty shop - it's very competitive out there - you may get the best price and excellent advice and follow-up service - pretty good deal! 
> There's a lot of information online so do your homework. For years, I've recommended the site Digital Photography Review. Here you can see hands on reviews for most DSLRs and point and shoot cameras and even compare models side-by-side. You can also 'google' the model of camera you are considering along with the word 'review' and you'll probably get lots of opinions.  
> No matter how good a camera is on paper, what really counts is how it actually works for you in the field. So check the stores return policy - you may have 7-14 days to return your purchase if you are not happy. Just and unpack the camera carefully in case in needs to go back.  
> Camera manuals are your friend. While you don't have to look at them right away, it's not a bad idea to go through the manual several times as you get to know your new camera. There is always something new to learn and technical info like this seems to register better after you've had some hands on time with the camera.  

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From a recent grad session - we did some casual looks in additional to the traditional gown images. Congrats to Avalon on the receipt of your Bachelor of Commerce degree last week!
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Art For your Home

Looking for a contemporary way to personalize your home decor? What about your family as art?  
We recently had a living-room make-over and wanted to incorporate our daughter Sophia. We photographed her expressive little self on a white seamless backdrop and made sure to bring a little of the green colour from the room into the piece. We ended up with twelve 14"x14" canvases and love how it turned out! 
If you are interested in something similar for your home, please drop me a line
Credit for the rest of the living room goes to the amazingly talented Dawn Munden of Update Designs.

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Julie & Eric

We had a wonderful session with Julie & Eric recently. You can see more on our Facebook Page.

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She Said yes!

We received a call from Nathan about a month ago. He told us that he was planning to propose to his fiancĂ© Sarah at Peggy's Cove when he was in town next. We'd never done anything like this before so Kate and I were pretty nervous - though probably not as nervous as Nathan.  
They arrived at the scheduled time, we were in position, and everything went as planned. Here is what it looked like.
We pretty much had Peggy's Cove to ourselves.
Congrats to Nathan & Sarah! Thank-you for allowing us to share in such a special moment.
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Danielle & Bob +1

Danielle & Bob are ambitious! Not only are they expecting their first baby, they are also in the middle of building a beautiful home.

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Paul, David & Isaac

We recently had the pleasure of working with Paul and his sons at their home in the beautiful community of Bayside.

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Emily & Jake

We had a wonderful series of sessions on Saturday and met a number of incredible people including Emily & Jake who are getting married this summer.
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